Cupping Therapy Set for Face - 5 pieces
Cupping Therapy Set for Face - 5 pieces
Cupping Therapy Set for Face - 5 pieces
Cupping Therapy Set for Face - 5 pieces
Cupping Therapy Set for Face - 5 pieces
Cupping Therapy Set for Face - 5 pieces
Cupping Therapy Set for Face - 5 pieces

Cupping Therapy Set for Face - 5 pieces

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Feel More Confident and Beautiful than Ever!

Massaging schemes for face 
For these exercises, you can either use the two Mini Facial cups working at the same time on each side of the face or use just one cup treating alternatively the left and right side of the face
Repeat each of the below movements 3-4 times on each side. All movements should be starting from a low position and directed upwards on the face.
An indicator for the end of the procedure is the slight pinkness of the skin 

For the Central Part of the face 
Start from the corners of the mouth and move to the bottom of the ear. At the center of the cheeks, you can slow down for a while 

For the Cheeks and cheekbones 
Do the massage movements with open mouth ("O" sound). Move the suction cup from the middle of the cheek (at level of the base of the nose) to the corner of the lips and then to the upper end of the earlobe and then backwards 

Under the chin 
To remove fat deposits, put the suction cup under your chin and slide smoothly with circular movements. Try not to use sharp pulls. Then just slide under the jaw arch in both directions

Package Contents: 

1x Exfoliating Brush, Pink 
2x Mini Facial Cup – 1.5’’ by 3’’, Pink 
2x Micro Facial Cup – 0.6’’ by 2’’, Pink
1x Satin Bag for safe storage of your cupping set.
1x Instruction Manual. Please read carefully for more details on how to use the set and contra indications!


  • ✔ TURN BACK TIME FOR YOUR FACE - Face Cupping massage has visible anti-aging effects. It will bring more oxygen to your skin, strengthen the muscles, improve circulation and help it become younger and more elastic. Combined with the right topical cosmetics it can remove fine lines, reduce wrinkles and double chin, and even make your lips fluffier and plumper.
  • ✔ EXPERIENCE RADIANT SKIN EVERY DAY - We have compiled the perfect kit of 5 SanDine cups for your face. The two Mini Facial Cups will cover most areas of your face and neck. The two Micro Facial cups will help you work in the gentle areas around your lips, brows and eyes. Your set includes - 2x Mini Facial Cup - 1.5''; 2x Micro Facial Cup - 0.6''; 1x Exfoliating Brush;
  • ✔ SAFER AND MORE RELIABLE - Our FDA, CE and RoHS certificates guarantee the suction cups from SanDine are long lasting, gentle to the skin and easy to clean. This facial massage kit is manufactured from premium quality medical grade hypoallergenic silicon.
  • ✔ SAVE HUNDREDS ON FACIALS – You can now do it at home! It is as easy as: 1. Warm up your skin with the cleansing brush and apply your favorite oil or moisturizer 2. Start with the larger cups. Create suction and constantly move them starting from the chin going up and down the face in circular motion. 3. Use the micro cups for delicate areas around your eyes, lips and brows. 4. Do this two, three times a week for 5 minutes. 5 See the instant face lift and enjoy the compliments you will get!
  • ✔ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – The Cupping Therapy Sets by SanDine are backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back. If you are not fully satisfied, simply contact us, and we will make sure to make it right for you

Warning: Massage can be painful. In this case, reduce the skinfold (suction area) by pinching less skin in the cup and reducing the massage duration. Improper use can lead to bruising lasting for up to two days depending on the type age and condition of the skin. Please use according to the our instructions.


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